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Specialist in linens, fabric of the Sun has selected for you a large selection of tablecloth, napkin, and place mat to bring mirth to your home. A huge selection of anti stain treated jacquard tablecloth is available in multiple dimensions, the 100% table cloths and coated tablecloth

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  • Coated tablecloth

    Fabric of the Sun you presents a range of coated tablecloth lined bias ready to ask or ready to offer. All our tablecloths are edged bias for more than required and elegance. Our coated tablecloths are available in various sizes and in various colours. Slick coated scratch sheet coated with flowers, tablecloth coated peas, a variety of water.

  • Jacquard tablecloths

    You will appreciate our tablecloths in jacquard, wash after wash, the excellent of its colors and the ease of use provided. Liquids bead on the jacquard fabric and do not penetrate! Tablecloth pattern anti stain teflon ® protects fabrics against water and stains and keeps his looking new longer. Invisible on the 100% cotton jacquard tablecloth, teflon surrounds each fiber and alters the appearance, nor the touch of fabric which retains its permeability to air, so his comfort.

  • Table napkin

    Fabric of the Sun offers a range of napkin pattern matching tablecloths. Alternatively, you can arrange them on a plain tablecloth to give color to your tables. 100% cotton you will appreciate its softness.

  • Topping Polyester...

    Fabric of the Sun offers online a range of topping 100% Polyester as well for individuals and professionals. Several colours available for your restaurant or your home. Topping treated anti stain, water repellent designed for professionals. All our tablecloths exist on measurement and its made in France!

  • Provencal tablecloth

    Online sale of Provencal tablecloth 100% cotton! Number 1 of the Provencal tablecloths online! Come and discover our collection of Provencal tablecloth: authentic Provencal tablecloth, tablecloth Provencal Olives, Les Lavandes Provencal tablecloth and lots of other tablecloths on the grounds of Provence. We can perform Provençal tablecloths you want in the size of your choice with their matching napkins.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 51 items
Showing 1 - 12 of 51 items